Rental of work clothing

Employees represent their company, and in many sectors of the economy, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide employees with work or protective clothing. Work clothing rental gives you, as the employer, the opportunity to equip each employee with uniform clothing to ensure comfort at work.

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What does rental of work clothing entail?

This service entails rental, maintenance and laundering of work clothing. The main objective of the service is to reduce costs related to a one-time purchase of textiles and transfer the responsibility for providing clothing to employees to an external company. Work clothing rental is available to any sector where the employer is required to provide personal protective equipment to employees, and to those employers who are concerned about the uniform appearance of their employees. We ensure that occupational health and safety standards are met and that your employees look neat. By working with us, your staff always has a clean and ironed set of work clothing at their disposal. Professionally prepared work clothing is delivered directly to employees’ lockers.

Consulting and optimization

of the use of clothing, thanks to the analyses provided

Time savings

by entrusting the entire process to one supplier – us

Full control of the circulation

of employee clothing through access to the Client+/ SI Rental platform

Professional corporate image

thanks to well-maintained work clothing for your employees

Possibility to extend security

with cleanliness and catering services

What makes us stand out?

  • Several years of experience in rental services
  • Comprehensive offer; in addition to the rental of work clothing you can benefit from the supply of OHS products/hygienic products/chemicals/disinfection or OHS outsourcing
  • Our own laundry facilities
  • Cooperation with Polish suppliers, clothing manufacturers having all certificates in Polish institutions
  • Our own sewing plant, which you can commission to sew required clothing sets
  • 24/7 availability
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